iOS Code Samples

Delete/Reset all entries in CoreData

Here is one useful method of how we can delete all entries of our database: Advertisements

How to fetch data using Property List (.plist)

This is the “Plist” example. There are many ways to implement the Plist in iPhone. I am going to show you the simplest way to create the Plist in iPhone.

Write and Read data to plist file

Write and Read data to plist file

Why using plists? Becouse it’s simple, effective and comparing to NSUserDefaults very fast. The main reason that many people failed with this, was the fact, they are trying to save data in Bundle Directory. It can’t be done, this place is protected and be a completed “one thing”. So the best option is to save […]

Beginner’s Guide to iPhone Development

So you’ve got a Mac, you’ve got an iPhone, and you really want to start writing some apps. There’s tons of documentation available, but the best way to learn a new language and framework is to simply dive right in. All of the documentation and tutorials I ran across when learning to program the iPhone […]

Intro to Interface Builder

Interface Builder is good tool for building complex user interfaces for the Mac and iPhone platform. It is, however, a non intuitive program when you first start using it – at least it was for me. This tutorial is here to explain how to use Interface Builder to build your first iPhone application. You can […]

Getting Your Location in an iPhone Application

One of the great features in the iPhone is the ability to get your location, which is available on all of the versions with the 1st edition relying on cell tower triangulation, the rest using built in GPS. As a developer, I can think of endless possibilities for using this information, but the first step […]

Create TabBarController Programmatically

I will show you how to create a UITabBarController application using only code. You’ll notice that this app doesn’t really “do” anything, it just switches between two table view controllers, but I think this will give you the framework to create a tab bar-based application and have the view controllers do whatever you want in […]